Energy-efficient living

An energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp and a power bill

Understand your energy bill

Find out what charges and terms on your electricity bill mean.

A man and woman looking at a bill

Home assessment

Getting a professional to assess your home will help you save energy, water and money.

Close up of an electricty meter

Off-peak, smart meters and time-of-use pricing

Changing when you use power can reduce your energy bill.

An Australian one dollar coin

Electricity and gas market offers

Save money by getting the best deal from your energy retailer.

A hand holding an energy-efficient light bulb

Getting started—energy

How to reduce your energy use, improve comfort and efficiency and save money.

Appliances and equipment

A 4 star energy rating label on a fridge

Energy-efficient appliances

Selecting energy-efficient appliances and using them efficiently saves energy and money.

A young girl on a circular yellow float in a swimming pool

Swimming pools, spas and pool pumps

Use our tips to reduce pool and spa energy and water costs.

A 4 star energy rating label on a fridge

Energy rating labels

Choose more energy-efficient products and save money on your energy bills by understanding the energy rating label on appliances.

A stainless steel barbeque

Energy-efficient outdoor equipment

Buy, use and dispose of outdoor equipment with energy efficiency in mind.

Your home and rental

A person carrying a ladder

Building and renovating for energy efficiency

Follow our helpful tips for building and renovating an energy-efficient home.


An energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL)

Energy-efficient lights

Make smarter lighting choices with energy-efficient LEDs and CFLs and reduce your electricity bills.

Hot water

A heat pump hot water system

Heat pump hot water systems

How do they work and is a heat pump hot water system right for you?

A hot water tap

About hot water

Energy-efficient hot water systems can reduce your energy use and save you money.

Solar hot water panels on a roof

Solar hot water systems

Use solar energy to heat water for your household and save money on your energy bills.

Close up of an instantaneous gas hot water system

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems make up about 48% of water heaters in Australia.

Heating and cooling

A skylight showing blue sky with clouds

Windows, doors and skylights

Well designed windows, doors and skylights can significantly improve energy efficiency and comfort.

A woman checking a thermostat on the wall

Understand heating and cooling

Learn the best ways to heat and cool your home efficiently.

A close up of wall insulation in place in a wall frame


Insulation is a cost effective barrier to heat loss and gain in your home.

Solar, wind and hydro power

A wind turbine

Wind turbines and small hydro

Get renewable energy from wind turbines and small hydro technology.

A woman holding a small tree plant

Carbon offsets and abatement

You can offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by driving your car, air travel or household activities.

A house roof showing solar (photovoltaic or pv) panels

Understand renewable energy

Renewable energy systems like solar PV panels can be used to generate power in your home.

Close up of solar panels (photovoltaic or PV) on a roof

Solar power

Solar panels (photovoltaic or PV) can reduce your household energy consumption and costs.