Seniors guide to energy saving

Resources, tips and practical actions to reduce your energy use and bills.

Special occasions

Plastic free July challenge 2018

It’s Plastic Free July. Why not join us in choosing to reject single use plastics.

Special occasions

World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

Practical ways to take action this World Environment Day this June.

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Sustainable house day logo

Sustainable House Day

Sustainable homes don’t just cost less to run, they can also look and feel good.

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Energy-saving guide for Northern Australia

Save energy and stay comfortable in hot arid and tropical climates.

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A man adjusting a wall-mounted thermostat

Seniors guide to energy saving

Resources, tips and practical actions to reduce your energy use and bills.

At school
A young child riding a bike


Tips to start the school year off to save money and energy.

Seasonal living
A woman holding a child while hanging washing on the line


Simple actions to help you prepare your house and garden for the hot summer months ahead.

Seasonal living
A cane picnic basket on a beach with sea in the background


How to save energy, water and money in summer.

Seasonal living
A close up of autumn leaves


Steps you can take to make changes around your home to reduce energy costs.

Seasonal living
A pair of feet wearing socks


Our top tips on how to stay warm and save money and energy during the cooler months.

Family living
A baby holding a garden trowel sitting amongst leafy vegetables

Babies and budgets

Take practical actions to prepare your home for a child without blowing the budget.

Special occasions
A christmas tree outline on the sand at a beach


Ways to save energy, reduce waste and celebrate the festive season.

At work
A man in a suit,arms extended, holding a briefcase and walking through a green forest

At work—what can we do?

More ways you can save energy, reduce waste and do your bit at work.

At work
A woman working at her desk with computer monitor in the background.

At work—what can I do?

Things you can do at work to save money and energy and reduce waste.

At work
A woman standing next to a sewing machine working from home

Home-based businesses

Tips and resources to help home-based businesses save energy and money.

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A home entertainment system featuring a large screen TV and side speakers

Home entertainment and technology

Save energy and money with home entertainment and technology.

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A power bill with a light bulb lying on it

Reduce your energy bills

How to reduce your energy bills and save money.

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A woman gardening in a courtyard

Outdoor living

Save energy and money and make your outdoor areas comfortable.

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You don't have to be a home owner to save energy, water and money.