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Babies and budgets

Out and about

Having a child is often a time when parents re-think their transportation choices, but this doesn't always have to mean buying a bigger car or an additional car. You can also choose not to use your car for every trip, and add in some active transport options to get you out and about.

Dad putting child in car seat


Changing or buying a second car

Are you thinking about changing your car? If you do, try to choose a fuel-efficient car. A fuel-efficient car can save you thousands of dollars in running costs.

Are you thinking about buying a second car? If you can do without a second car you're likely to save thousands of dollars each year on car registration, insurance, loans and running costs. The money you save by not buying a second car can often cover trips by taxi at those times when you need more than one car. Even if you have a car, you don't have to use it for every trip you take.

Alternatives to the car

While cars provide an essential service for many of us, changing your transport routine to include walking, cycling and public transport has many benefits for the whole family. Cycling is also a good choice as children get older, using options such as a trailer attached to the rear of the bike, a tag-along or a child bike seat. Many children love catching the bus and really enjoying walking too. If you suddenly need to find a toilet stop, help is at hand.


Making exercise a fun part of your family's daily routine by incorporating walking and cycling can improve health, save you money and is a great opportunity to spend time together!