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A box of 9 coloured glass globe decorations.


Buy good quality decorations that can be re-used for years to come, rather than having decorations and tinsel that end up as land fill come January. Better still make your own with some paints and scrap paper and packaging that would otherwise end up as waste. Entertain children with a treasure hunt by tasking them to keep an eye out for found objects or nature's ornaments like pine cones. They can stow them away in a craft box ready to transform into next year's decorations.

Looking at decorated houses bedecked in Christmas lights is one way to get into the festive spirit, but Christmas lights also consume energy, adding to your electricity bills. To minimise your costs and impact, choose LED lighting and don't leave Christmas lights on all night. Turning lights off overnight avoids wasting electricity when it's not needed and reduces the risk of lights being accidentally left on during the day.