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People outside having a barbecue


If you're hosting parties this festive season, why not choose some lower impact options?

  • To save paper you could send out invitations by email, text messages or via online social networking sites.
  • You might help your guests to car pool by passing on details of who is travelling to your event and who is willing to be a designated driver.
  • You can add details about public transport options into your invitations, or encourage taxi sharing at the end.
  • Consider choosing a central location or destination to get everyone together. This will mean less travel time and fuel consumption for all participants.
  • Gathering outside is a great way to celebrate the Australian festive season and save energy. Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and the great outdoors to enjoy time with friends and family. Having picnics or a barbeque are two great ways to avoid higher electricity bills from parties inside.
  • If you are outdoors you may like to put out bins or tubs clearly marked for recycling bottles or food waste. If they're strategically placed you'll also save on clean-up time!
  • Try our outdoor entertaining—no and low waste dining ideas