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A family on their bikes enjoying cycling


Summer is a popular time for travel in Australia, but there are still lots of ways you can reduce your impact.

If you're flying for your holidays you can opt to pay a little extra to offset your travel emissions. Most airlines provide offsetting options that contribute to projects which will help reduce your air travel footprint. There are even in–flight things you can do, like pack light to reduce luggage weight and take your own snacks in re–usable containers, or take your own earphones instead of accepting on-board disposable ones.

If you're hitting the road, you can minimise your fuel consumption and costs by driving efficiently. Or you could choose to holiday closer to home instead.

Summer is a great time to try active transport options. Why not walk to a neighbourhood party or try cycling to a barbeque or picnic? Not only are these options good for your wallet, they might even help your Christmas waistline too.

Try to combine your trips so that you're making one car trip instead of many—this will reduce your fuel use and save you time and money. If you take public transport you'll avoid parking fees and the stress of trying to find a parking place.

Planning and booking your holiday or even shopping online is another great way to save time and petrol during the hectic festive season. Stay Smart Online has some simple steps you can take to protect your personal and financial information online.

Avoid throwing money away on wasted energy if you're travelling over the summer. Turn off appliances at the wall, turn the fridge down a little and make sure you turn off the air conditioner if you have one.