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Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle

Filling a car with fuel - close up of a hand and fuel nozzle



If you're thinking about changing your car, try to choose a fuel-efficient car. A fuel-efficient car can save you thousands of dollars in running costs and reduce your environmental impact. Fuel-efficient cars also have a higher threshold for the Luxury Car Tax.

You can compare the fuel economy, greenhouse and air pollution emissions of different cars (including four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles) by using the GreenVehicleGuide.

Are you thinking about buying a second car? If you can do without a second car you're likely to save thousands of dollars each year on car registration, insurance, loans and running costs. The money you save by not buying a second car can often cover trips by taxi at those times when you need more than one car. Even if you have a car, you don't have to use it for every trip you take.

Commercial vehicles, small and medium sized trucks

If you’re thinking about changing your commercial vehicle or truck, try to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle. A fuel-efficient commercial vehicle or truck car can save you many thousands of dollars, depending on how many kilometres it does, in fuel and running costs and significantly reduce your greenhouse and air pollution emissions.

The website has lots of useful information about how to choose a cost-efficient commercial vehicle or truck. Sometimes the least expensive truck can cost the most money in the long run if it uses too much fuel or needs a lot of maintenance. The overall cost of a small truck can be more than double the purchase price when running costs such as fuel, maintenance and other expenses are factored in.