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Home theatre system


Whatever your budget, do some research to find out which system will deliver the sound and picture quality you're looking for. More expensive systems with all the extra components may not necessarily be the best option for your particular circumstances. Buying inferior quality items or products also contributes to waste.

  • Start by concentrating on a couple of quality components that you can build on and refine over time as your budget allows. For example, home theatre kits may come with features that you don't need or have varying quality of components. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, it can be worthwhile to tailor your system to your individual preferences. Connecting your TV to existing stereo and speaker equipment is one option.
  • Home entertainment components including DVD, Blu-ray, DVRs, AV amplifiers/receivers and speakers don't have the Energy Rating Label. For these products look for components that display the voluntary ENERGY STAR® mark. It can help you identify energy-efficient products.