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Plastic free July challenge 2018

5 things you can do to go further

  • Become a planner. Single use plastic is convenient and hard to avoid if you haven’t planned how to do it, whether this is having reusable shopping bags in your car, buying in bulk to reduce packaging or taking your reusable cup, straw and cutlery out with you. 
  • Try to avoid eating take away. Taking the time to eat at your favourite restaurant is not just a great social opportunity, it also saves on the plastic containers. If you can’t skip take away, see if you can take your own reusable containers.
  • If you buy goods locally at markets sometimes vendors will accept their containers back and will often give you a discount. Ask your local beekeeper, jam or candle maker.
  • Pick up 5 pieces of waste when you are out and about, and reduce the amount of plastics entering our waterways and oceans or even join a Trash Mob or other organised event.
  • Get involved – join the Challenge Plastic Free July or Take 3 for the Seas or the National Geographic Plastic pledge.