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Reduce your energy bills

Manage your energy use

If you don't know where and when your household is using energy, it's difficult to make decisions or prioritise actions that might reduce your costs. The best way to manage your energy use is to measure it. Your energy bill is your best friend when it comes to this as it contains the information you need to monitor how much electricity or gas you're currently using.

  • Get to know your energy bill. Understanding your energy bill including all the fine print will help you to assess your energy use patterns and levels so you can begin to make changes and savings—around the home.
  • Do some simple comparisons. For example, by comparing your use from the same period in the previous year, you can get a picture of your energy consumption in different seasons. If your use is higher in winter or summer, you might want to look at the reasons and some options for reducing it.
  • Consider the times of day when your household uses the most energy. This will be an important guide in selecting the right energy contract. Are you home during the day or does your family arrive home together and turn on heating or cooling, cook dinner, watch TV, go online and do homework?
  • Change when you consume energy away from peak times. For example by running your washing machine late at night you may be able to choose a contract that rewards this change.
  • In winter you could look at a mix of options to reduce your energy use and costs. This might include using warmer bedding so you don't need to leave heating on overnight, heating only the rooms you are using, stopping up draughts and cracks with simple window and door tape, and investing in a more energy-efficient heater if your current model is using too much energy.
  • In summer, if you're are a pool owner, there are steps you can take to reduce your pool pump running times and pool-related energy use.