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Reduce your energy bills

Identifying energy hot spots around the home

To reduce your electricity and gas bills it helps to know about the major sources of household energy consumption and where your household fits in.

The major sources of energy use around the typical Australian home are spread across heating water, heating and cooling and refrigeration and other electrical appliances. Standby power, lighting and cooking make up most of the rest of your household energy bill. Growing sources of energy use around the home include air conditioning, entertainment systems, computers, pools and spas, and outdoor lighting.

To make the biggest impact on your energy use and costs:

  • Target the biggest sources of energy use around your home first—such as hot water and heating and cooling.
  • Identify ways you can carry out household functions more efficiently. This includes correct installation and placement of equipment, and keeping it well maintained.
  • Look for the no and low cost changes, easy and high impact changes you can make easily and start there.
  • When replacing or upgrading household items, consider the most energy efficient option you can afford. This will reduce the power needed to run the product over its lifespan.
  • Think about which personal preferences or habits could be affecting your energy use. Remembering to close doors, switch off lights, or pull on a jumper before turning up the thermostat are some examples.