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Reduce your energy bills

Key factors impacting your energy bills

A large Australian house


A range of factors determine the amount of energy used in individual households. Some reflect changing personal preferences—such as the increase in home entertainment and technology products—while others relate to the climate and the type of housing where you live.

The main factors affecting your energy use include:

  • the local climate where you live
  • the total size of your home—and whether it's a townhouse, apartment or freestanding home
  • the design of your home—orientation and whether passive heating and cooling opportunities are used
  • features and appliances—the size, number and energy efficiency of your major appliances
  • habits and personal preferences—the behaviour of the people in your house including how much heating, cooling, cooking, showering, washing and clothes drying is done.

Some features in your present home (such as size and orientation) you are stuck with, but you can still take advantage of local conditions and make your home function as efficiently as possible – look at our tips for heating and cooling to get some smart ideas.

If you're planning changes to your home, or building a new one this is the most effective time to consider energy (and water) efficiency.