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At work—what can we do?

About this guide

So you've been bringing your own coffee cup and turning off lights, and now you're wondering how else you can save energy and resources at work?

There are lots of opportunities to get your workplace involved in practical actions around the office. Some of the benefits include reducing business costs by doing things more efficiently and effectively to save time and money and avoid waste.

To maximise your impact, where possible:

  • involve your team or co-workers to generate ideas and solutions
  • take some time to develop a plan and build in ways to measure your impact
  • consider doing some research into the savings and benefits from any proposed changes you come up with
  • share your findings and progress with your whole organisation, including management.

Whether it comes from the boss or elsewhere, all changes are likely to be more effective when you can see the advantages and everyone has a say.

This guide has a few ideas to help you get started. They include simple actions and steps you can take right away, to some more far reaching changes that will have a longer term impact. The time and effort needed will depend on whether you're establishing new habits or helping your workmates create change as well. None of the actions will require significant up-front investments and most will save money—which can be a great incentive for getting your workplace involved.