Reducing and recycling

A woman placing recyclables in a small recycling crate


Whenever you recycle you're helping turn waste products into reusable materials.

Used window frames stacked up

Building material waste

Reduce the impact of home building and renovating.

Colourful plastic lids


Learn about plastics around the home and which types can and can't be recycled.

A woman shopping for used clothes

Re-used and recyclable products

Buying products that are recycled can save energy and money.

A woman carrying green re-usable shopping bags

Reducing waste

Find ways to reduce waste from kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and gardens.

A container full of food waste

Kitchen and food waste

A lot of household waste comes from the kitchen.

Electronic and hazardous waste

Small pile of discarded mobile phones

Home electronic waste

Find out what household electronic waste (e-waste) products can be recycled and why.

Four AA batteries in a pile

Hazardous household waste

Find out how to safely dispose of your hazardous household waste.